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Founded: 2019 Category: Material Technology City: Paimio

Rester is a Finnish recycling company with vast experience in industrial scale recycling solutions and closed-loop business models for textile waste streams. Find out more: Finland, like other countries, generates huge amounts of textile waste. An estimated amount of 350 million kg of used textiles are disposed, as waste annually in the Nordic region. Finland’s share of this is around 100 million kg, of which about 80% is incinerated at the end of it’s life-cycle. This amount includes textiles used by both consumers and businesses. An EU directive, to be transposed into Finnish law as the new 2025 Waste Act, will oblige municipalities to set up and organise the collection of domestic used textiles. This in order to boost the quality of secondary raw material and its uptake. The circular economy facility being built by Rester Oy in Paimio aims to ensure that businesses can dispose their end of life cycle textiles sustain-ably. The facility will focus on producing new raw material from used textiles with an annual capacity of 6,000 tonnes. Time-frame for the completion of this high-tech facility is Q1/2021. This is an significant project on European level thus enabling a completely new circular and sustainable economy service model for processing companies’ operating in the New Nordics


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